Message From the Director

Meaningful learning is the dream that has led us to work tirelessly to bring the vision of Vidya Bhavan Public School to life. It is the same commitment that we bring to create education as a process that awakens intelligence, cultivates independence of mind and inculcates values to help children grow into wholesome, productive, creative and responsible human being.

The most important part of our education model is to understand  each student individually and explore their innate talents so that they can  pursue them passionately.

Vidya Bhavan Public School, Guna is a school where learning is not rote memorization  and teaching is not about knowledge downloads but  its about fostering excellence. We believe in opening the minds of pupils. We encourage them to explore themselves and their surroundings. We guide them to learn by doing, stressing on the all-round development of a child’s personality.

We have a balanced curriculum that incorporates sports, arts & craft, music, dance etc. along with regular studies to allow students to explore and analyse different fields. Our curriculum takes into account that children have multiple intelligences which can be nurtured and strengthened in different ways. Whether your child is good at academics, sports, music or visual arts, we are equipped to develop their strengths and latent potential.

We believe in shaping  responsible global citizens who have the potential to become a leaders of tomorrow.

Luv Khanduja
Executive Director

Sneha Khanduja
Creative Director