What our parents say

Pre - primary theme based classrooms are very innovative and are beauifully designed. For higher classes also school provides smart classrooms, latest chemistry and computer labs. My daughters love their school.

Year 2016

Parent of Prerna,Shruti,Nidhi Kumari
Class - UKG , IV,VIII

The school faculty and their teaching methods are impactful. The faculty of IIT engineers is one of the best things that the school has given to their students.

Year 2016

Parent of Rohan singh Raghuwanshi
Class - XII

The best thing about the school is, the faculty here really motivates and encourages children to dream and think on their own. They also help us by giving timely feedback and guidance for improving our children which will deffinately result in bringing out the best in them .

Year 2016

Parent of Naina Meena
Class - NUR

My son just completed 1 academic year here and we are very happy about the school, studies, curriculum and its innovative practical teaching methods which help in the overall personality development of the students.

Year 2016

Parent of Alok prajapati
Class - I

Along with the beautiful sports and academic infrastructure, school working style is very good. The most important thing is Principal is brilliant and is approachable to the parents.

Year 2016

Parent of Sanskar Namdev
Class - IX

I am very happy with the school's fun with learn teaching attitude, sports infrastructure and teachers.

Year 2016

Parent of Naman Dhakad
Class - UKG

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